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Whether you're looking out for something new and unique, or a fan of the series as a whole, the impending release of SteamWorld Dig 2 has many people excited. If you'd like to join them on some steampunk platforming, you need only test your luck with our latest giveaway.

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All the patch notes, hotfixes and update details for Larian's wonderful RPG sequel, Divinity: Original Sin 2 - now out of Early Access and post-launch!

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It's undoubtedly a great game, but PC owners of Nier: Automata are frustrated and angry that they've been kept waiting so long for a patch to fix the many things wrong with the game.

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Obsidian's next RPG will be published by Versus Evil, but why not Paradox Interactive who published their last two RPGs, Tyranny and Pillars of Eternity?

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Square Enix revealed another new game during Sony's TGS kick-off event in Tokyo last night. LEFT ALIVE is a multi-platform survival shooter set to release sometime next year.

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Teased through the most blatantly obvious trailer we've ever seen back in June, the existence of Tropico 6 – Kalypso Media's 'banana republic' city builder – was confirmed with another trailer just a month later. Fast forward another month and the group was on-hand to demonstrate some hands-off gameplay of its brand-new project at this year's Gamescom. Another month rolls by and we're finally ready to share what we saw.

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Data miners and leakers revealed SPOILERS for the long-awaited Chris Redfield DLC for RE7... if it's genuine. Now that the new "White Molded" enemy has been confirmed, it may well be.

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Whether it's to bring in new blood or stress test some servers, everyone's invited to the Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Ghost War beta whether they have the base game or not.

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Landing onto Early Access on March 23, 2017, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is all about the shooting rather than fending off zombies or being clubbed in the back of the head and stripped naked. Being in Early Access and heavily shaped by player feedback, it's only natural to expect a few patches (and lengthy patch notes) along the way. Let's have them.

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Dragon Ball FightersZ is the latest entry in the acclaimed fighting game series from Bandai Namco Games, and is currently slated for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in early 2018. The manga-inspired brawler is already shaping up to be a pretty meaty affair, offering an eclectic cast of characters for players to choose from, each of whom possess a unique moveset to duff up their opponent with.