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Looking to spruce up your ROE wardrobe with something that not just about anyone has? Look no further than the Golden Winged Jacket, and we're giving away a few!

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Has Bethesda just breached GDPR? Have they been breaching it from the get-go? Yikes.

1 news image's Armored Warfare now has its own version of the battle pass. The Warlords of the Wasteland Battle Path will be available for three months.

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Far Cry New Dawn will feature an entire arsenal of makeshift lead-spitting toys to guide players through its post-apocalyptic Hope County. Here's a list of the weapons confirmed so far for Far Cry New Dawn.

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Obsidian hope that their fans are into platonic companionship.

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Here are all the Mortal Kombat 11 fighters, characters or Kombatants revealed so far! Including some secret ones...

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Got a whole bunch of stuff you don't need, but want to get something out of it? Sounds like what you need is a Fallout 76 vendorbot.

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The new Two Point Hospital Bigfoot DLC levels are available, but they're not unlocked all at once. Here's how to unlock all Two Point Hospital DLC hospitals.

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Interested to learn how Ubisoft intend to ennoble their next Far Cry title? We've got some info on that, for sure.

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The major Rocket League Progression Update changed up a whole lot when it comes to how the game's, well, progression works. Here's a short primer on Weekly Wins.