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Despite Controversy, Metro Exodus is Selling Way Better than Last Light

Epic Games Store isn't stopping people from buying Exodus, according to latest charts.

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Metro Exodus Aurora Edition Covers Steam Logo with Sticker

A decision that was surely planned well ahead of its execution.

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Anthem Long Loading Times - Is it Normal?

This is all the current information on whether or not long loading times in Anthem are normal.

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The Division 2 Specialisations - What classes will be available on launch?

The biggest problem with The Division upon launch was the lack of a meaningful endgame, and The Division 2 is set to address that from the start.

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Anthem Sound Stops Working - How to Fix Sound Bug

Have you experienced the Anthem Sound Stops Working bug, where all the sound in the game cuts out for no reason? Here's what you need to know.

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Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice - How to Get Nana Ally

Need a sniper at your side? Look no further.

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Far Cry New Dawn Helicopter - How to Unlock Helicopters?

Here's how to go places in New Dawn.

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Far Cry New Dawn Saw Launcher - How to Unlock it?

Time to pretend you're playing Dead Space for a bit.

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Far Cry New Dawn Judge - Who is the Judge and How to Recruit Them

Bad news for fans of Far Cry 5, as the Far Cry New Dawn Judge character is someone you know. Here's who the Judge is and how to recruit them to your side.