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Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Revealed, Here's All The Details

Paradox has lifted the lid on Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, the sequel to the beloved Deus Ex-with-Vampires game from 2004. We've got the trailer, release date, and all the details.

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Cyberpunk 2077 dev CD Projekt has a Second AAA RPG Due By 2021

According to sources, CDPR has got another major release slated to come out before 2021, which is most curious indeed.

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The Division 2 Patch Notes - March 22nd Hotfix

The Division 2's March 22nd hotfix improves low-level survivability in COOP and fixes clan XP problem, among other things.

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Steam is Getting a Full Visual Makeover This Year

As numerous sources had already suggested, Valve is gearing up to modernise and rework Steam's core UI and UX with not only a sleeker end-user interface, but also with some extremely helpful management features.

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Warframe Ghoul Purge Rewards Guide

Is it your first time playing Warframe's regular Ghoul Purge event on Plains of Eidolon? Here, you'll learn exactly what the rewards are, and how to get them.

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Google Stadia Might Lead to Loss of Diversity in Games, Says Analyst

Not everyone is stoked about Google pitching their brand-new game streaming service. Several analysts have chimed in saying that this might result in a further consolidation of games across the board.

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The Outer Worlds Steam Release Was Being Updated Until Yesterday

Adding one more game to the list of titles making good use of Steam's advertising, only to leave for Epic Games Store when they're about to release, The Outer Worlds' developers Obsidian might not have known what's coming either.

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Epic Games Store - List of Exclusive Games Available on the Store

The Epic Games Store is live with its first batch of games and first two freebie announcements.

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Generation Zero Exclusive Gameplay - Perils of Artificial Intelligence

Generation Zero - a robot-hunting open-world game with co-op and a strong '80s vibe. Scheduled to launch within days, we've got exclusive access to the game to try out early gameplay stages of Generation Zero.

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Apex Legends Best Settings - How to Boost FPS With Extremely Low Settings?

As well-optimised as Apex Legends might be, that doesn't mean we're not interested in squeezing an extra FPS or two out of the game with the best settings. Here's how you can boost FPS with the best settings.