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Square Enix have confirmed to us that, sadly, the Assassin's Creed Festival crossover between Final Fantasy 15 and Ubisoft's AC Origins will NOT be repeated on PC - but we can look forward to just as exciting ones in the future.

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Final Fantasy XV on PC will get full mod support! Here are all the details on mods for FF 15, including Steam Workshop, mouse and keyboard support and PC plans for Final Fantasy 16! And, er, nude mods.

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Bring glory to the Numibian tribes, or beat them back into obscurity.

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They expressed their apologies in a very respectful and Japanese manner.

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Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition Mods will have Steam Workshop and non-Steam support, and Square Enix will leave modders free to create what they want.

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For the first time ever, be a true member of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

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Some of the hype around VR may have quieted down and the promise of it becoming the next big thing in gaming may yet be a bit further off, but the platform is still strong and developing, with early adopters no longer being plagued by a game drought. Not only does VR have plenty of titles, it also has plenty of great titles.

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Bringing four unique desert factions to the best historical Total War title.