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The future is not quite as bright as we'd once have hoped it would be...

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It's got a lovely dash of Borderlands to it, too!

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Obsidian hope that their fans are into platonic companionship.

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Got a whole bunch of stuff you don't need, but want to get something out of it? Sounds like what you need is a Fallout 76 vendorbot.

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Screws screwing with your screwing around in Fallout 76? We can help!

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Ballistic Fiber is one of Fallout 76's many rare resources, and one that's necessary for numerous advanced crafts. Here's how to maximise your farming efficacy!

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Check out everything from the latest Fallout 76 PC update, which adds sliders for FOV and Depth of Field at last, Push To Talk, various CAMP improvements, and more in the Fallout 76 Patch Notes.

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Tripwire Interactive's Maneater is yet another upcoming game that ditches Steam in favor of the Epic Games Store.

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Dragon Age 4 has been announced, except we know very little about it. We have played all the Dragon Age games, as well as other BioWare titles, so here's what we want to see from the game.

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Checking on the Fallout 76 status, and whether the Fallout 76 Bethesda servers down? We've got the answers on the Fallout 76 Server Status. Is the game down for maintenance?