Upcoming PC Games 2017

Released in
1 day
21 Sep 2017

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator you pit waving arm men against each other and watch them fight it out.

6 days
26 Sep 2017


6 days
26 Sep 2017

RAID: World War II

A four player co-op game that plays out during the second world war.

8 days
28 Sep 2017
9 days
29 Sep 2017

Do Not Feed The Monkeys

The creators of Dead Synchronicity announce "the world's first digital voyeur simulator", Do Not Feed The Monkeys.

10 days
30 Sep 2017

Dogma: Eternal Night

A new sandbox MMORPG world with modern gothic and punk, vampires and other mystical creatures.

22 days
12 Oct 2017
23 days
13 Oct 2017

The Evil Within 2

Sequel to The Evil Within.

23 days
13 Oct 2017

Dungeons 3

The next game in the Dungeon Keeper-alike Dungeons series.

27 days
17 Oct 2017


ELEX is a handcrafted action role-playing experience from the award-winning creators of the Gothic series.