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Grab Last Year's Winning Theme Park Simulator - Planet Coaster - At Its Pre-Purchase Price Today

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In case you didn't get around to playing on the best simulators of the year, Planet Coaster is back down to its pre-purchase price until later today.

The Planet Coaster Developers Are Suing Atari For Underpaid Royalties

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With the questionable launch dates of both Rollercoaster Tycoon World and Planet Coaster falling so close to each other, we boiled it down to a bit of shallow rivalry. But what if the issues run deeper between Atari and Frontier Developments? Because one is now suing the other.

Atari Sells The Rights To Test Drive Unlimited - New Owners Promise Sequels

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Retaining the rights to sell the current Test Drive games, Bigben Interactive has bought their way into reviving a franchise untouched by Atari for over 5 years.

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