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Resident Evil 2 Remake

A remake of the second part of the famous survival-horror franchise Resident Evil.

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The Best PC Games of 2018

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No matter the genre, the setting or the style, your sole criteria for the next game you want to play is that is has to be one of the best among the best? When you've got as burgeoning an industry as video games, even the top of the food chain will get a bit crowded - here are the absolute best games you can play on PC in 2018.

Dead Rising 5 Cutting Scope Amid Significant Layoffs at Capcom Vancouver

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Capcom have laid off "approximately 30%" of staff from their Vancouver office, cancelling one of their projects and cutting scope of the next Dead Rising game.

Resident Evil 2 Director Hideki Kamiya told Remake team "Do As You Like", isn't involved with it

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There is hope that an announcement of Resident Evil 2 Remake is coming from Capcom soon, with rumours spreading, but for now the original RE2 director is confident it's in safe hands - enough to believe his help isn't necessary.

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