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DiRT Rally

Welcome to DiRT Rally – a new world of DiRT.

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You'll Be Able to Talk to the Press in F1 2018

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Storm out of the interview! Say something cringe-worthy! Do all those things you hope you'll never have to do in the real world!

DiRT 4 Welcomes The New 'Rallycross' Mode In New Gameplay Trailer

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The announcement of DiRT 4 came out of nowhere. As did our own preview! But as we inch closer to the fast-approaching official release, it's time to learn more about how DiRT 4 has changed since that surprised announcement.

Take Part In Multiplayer Mayhem With This Micro Machines: World Series 'Battle Mode' Trailer

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If you were born in the 90s you still considered anyone old enough to have been brought up with a Commodore 64 as an 'old person'. In the year 2017, however, you're now one of them for likely having access to a Sega Genesis and Micro Machines. Good thing its modernising then, eh?

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