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Leaks Suggest Apex Legends Might Be Getting Dragons

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Since Apex Legends crashed the battle royale party, the number of leaks and datamines floating around have significantly increased. The latest ones seem to point towards dragons potentially being added to the game further down the line.

Apex Legends Patch Notes - 1.05 Update

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Apex Legends' Season 1 has plunged players into a Wild Frontier filled with new cosmetics to pursue. Its launch coincided with the title's 1.05 update going live, whose changes were detailed by developer Respawn Entertainment via fresh patch notes.

Apex Legends Octane - How to Unlock Octane

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The newest Legend, Octane, joins today as part of Season 1, but can you get Apex Legends Octane as part of the Battle Pass? How do you unlock Octane?

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