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Star Wars Battlefront's new gameplay trailer shows space battles

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The next expansion of Star Wars Battlefront is on it's way. And one of the new things being added is dogfights in space. The trailer shows a variety of clips including an assault on Star Destroyers as the Death Star looms in the background. But a space battle is not the only surprise that the trailer has in store.

Battlefront is getting an offline mode

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One of the biggest disappointments when Battlefront launched last year was its lack of single-player content, but it seems EA is looking to address that with an update coming later this month. Skirmish will allow you to take on bots in both Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes, featuring locations from Hoth to Sullust.

10 more games coming to Origin Access this summer

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Origin Access has been a pretty solid deal, including an increasingly wide selection of selection of full games for a reasonable subscription price. Over this summer, that selection’s set to get even bigger.

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