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Killer Instinct developer's next game Extinction looks a lot like Attack on Titan

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Extinction from Iron Galaxy and Maximum gets new trailer today that makes it look like Attack on Titan or Shadow of the Colossus with orcs. Out Q1 2018.

Killer Instinct survey reveals who Iron Galaxy may add to the game

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The new Killer Instinct game received a lot of bad press when it first launched back in 2013 for Xbox One. When the game was released, you could choose from eight different characters, however you couldn’t play through an arcade mode (which as we know is essential for fighting games). With three years of development, the game has received several season updates, bringing the total number of characters up to thirty-three. Now it looks like Iron Galaxy are going to add to that roster, judging by a recently released survey.

Here are the character choices in the latest survey. The survey asks players to rank who they would like to see in the next Killer Instinct update, including:

Where's our Batman: Arkham Knight review?

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You take it on faith, you take it to the heart, the wa-a-aiting is the hardest part

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