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Scalebound is the latest great adventure from renowned PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya.

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Halo 5 PC Still Isn't Happening, Despite New Box Art

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Could it be that Microsoft are finally getting to their senses and Halo 5 PC will happen? Not so, according to Microsoft. For no reason.

Play A Round Of Golf With The Dead Rising 4 Season Pass

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Want to spend your Christmas break bashing zombies over the head with a barbed-wire baseball bat? You might as well practice now rather than be caught off-guard when the apocalypse really does happen. Dead Rising 4 has a season pass!

Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed

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Halo Wars 2 has received a new video showcasing the upcoming RTS's multiplayer modes and gameplay. The video shows off the development strategy behind the game as well as showing snippets of gameplay.

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