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Vampire Bloodlines 2 not playable at PDXCON, but all attendees will get the game for free

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Anyone looking for a PDXCON Vampire Bloodlines 2 demo will be disappointed, as it's no longer playable at the show - but every ticket-holder will get the game for free.

Prison Architect The Slammer Update Patch Notes Revealed, Causing Issues For Linux users

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The Linux version of Prison Architect has been having numerous issues following its latest update, The Slammer. Here are the patch notes and problems we've found so far.

Age of Wonders Planetfall v1.006 Patch Notes - Ankylosaurus Update Released

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The v1.006 Ankylosaurus update for Age of Wonders is now live, its patch notes revealing the ability to kick players from multiplayer games among a large number of other fixes.

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