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Crusader Kings II: Conclave

Powerful dukes will require a seat at the table, and those left on the outside will be more likely to plot against you

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Surviving Mars Curiosity Update Patch Notes - Releasing on 28th May

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Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games has announced that the Curiosity Update for Surviving Mars will be released on 28th May for PC, Mac and Linux, with the console update coming on 12th June if all goes to plan.

Cities Skylines Deluxe Upgrade Pack Discounted This Weekend

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Cities Skylines has already reached over 5 million copies sold, but with the Deluxe Upgrade Pack and most of the other downloadable content being discounted to celebrate the release of the Parklife expansion, that number is likely to get even higher before the weekend is out.

Cities Skylines Patch Notes V1.10 - Parklife Expansion Releasing at 2pm BST

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Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order are getting ready to release The Parklife Expansion for Cities Skylines, although at 2pm CEST they'll also be releasing the next patch that will bring the game up to version V1.10.

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