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Battles in Normandy Reviews


Battles in Normandy Review

Battles simulates the entire Normandy campaign, from the landings to the breakout phase, and includes a campaign game and shorter scenarios of the battle...

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I like the airstrikes · by Daredevil ·

Aircraft were vital components in the Normandy war machines, and their importance is reflected in this game through interdiction and carpet bombing capabilities. Interdiction existed in previous editions of this series, letting players commit aircraft to disrupting the enemy's supply lines, and here the interdiction model is improved because of changes in the antiaircraft system. The Allies have overwhelming air support, but the Germans can somewhat diminish its effects by committing antiaircraft assets to areas affected by interdiction strikes. This causes some tough decisions for the German player, who needs to decide whether antiaircraft assets are needed more in the rear (to blunt interdiction strikes) or on the front lines (where they were historically used to blast Allied tanks). Carpet bombing is only available at certain times during certain scenarios, and it's tremendously useful for softening up large groups of units. You just have to be careful not to hit your own troops in the process.

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