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Civilization V Reviews


Civilization V Review

Civilization has returned in all its glory, in a form that we truly feel will stand the test of time...

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The nex incarnation with the same pro's and cons · by pcbernhard ·

Civ is a great game and I haven played all versions the past 20 years. It is a game were you can actually determine the outcome instead of following a scripted path. But just as in Civ 1, it becomes a sumo wrestling game with several big civs trying to dislodge each other. In the end, the superior war-fare skills of the human player always decide the outcome.

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The worst CIV ever. · by paelleon ·

Too much simplified, awful interface (cities and units lists are useless!), poor musics, this is not CIV! It isn't Panzer General either. It's an orrible mix of them!
And city production is WAY TOO SLOW! Come on, 6 turns to build a warrior in an average city! 18 turns=years to build a nuclear missile?
City-states are also nothing more than a nuisance, ridicolous money-sucking machines that offers very little help.
The whole game seems designed to make the player abandon the idea of a world spanning empire (the very core of CIV): slow production, self defending cities, outrageous morale and civics problems for large empires and so on.
I suggest everyone to not buy this game, stay with Beyond the Sword for CIV4.

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