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Command & Conquer The First Decade Reviews


Command & Conquer The First Decade Review

Unfortunately it feels a bit more like a group therapy session than an exciting insight into the Command and Conquer series..

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A long history · by Daredevil ·

Most of the Command & Conquer games are recent enough that the originals still run on modern operating systems without much work. That, in some ways, makes the first couple of games--Command & Conquer and the alternate history spin-off, C&C Red Alert--the most interesting games in the whole collection. Released in 1995 and 1996, respectively, the above-mentioned games have been updated to run under Windows XP, but that's really about it. By today's standards, the video that gave the series so much personality looks absolutely awful--there are fake scanlines running through it and it's compressed with what was probably cutting-edge technology 11 years ago. For some, it will be a nostalgic treat; others will probably wish that the video was cleaned up. And people who run into a bug will probably wish that Red Alert played the between-mission cutscenes on the Soviet side. But everyone who remembers these old games will probably wish that the install sequences were included.

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