Company: Bohemia Int.


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A post-apocalyptic MMO first person shooter.

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DayZ forums hacked; change your passwords

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Another day, another hack. While maybe DayZ isn’t quite the phenomenon it was a few years ago when it was helping to start the indie survival game gold rush, there may have been a point where you, dear reader, were interested. Interested enough to join the forums!

Upcoming Day Z update adding predatory animals

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It seems that new predators are being added to the open world PvP survival game Day Z, and they're not zombies or even other humans. Now, dangerous animals are being added to the game.

Bohemia Interactive releases ArmA 3 community guide on defensive gameplay

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Bohemia Interactive has released a new comminity guide in co-operation with Andrew Gluck (better known as Dslyecxi) to explain the principles of conducting an effective and efficient defense. The video is a part of a long series of guides covering the basics of ArmA 3.

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