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Mass Effect: Andromeda

The fourth part of the hugely popular action RPG game series in a space-opera setting.

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American McGee Wants To Make A Sequel To Alice: Madness Returns - But The Ball Is In EA's Court

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With so many different reditions, variations and adaptions of Lew Carroll's Alice in Wonderland available in all different forms of media, you'd think people would have had enough by now. Not so; but American McGee has.

E3 2017 Schedule - When To Watch All The Big Conferences

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E3 is right around the corner. Once heralded as the finest time of year for the gaming public, things have been a little different in recent years. Despite the show no longer being the single-most important event on the gaming calendar, E3 still holds a special place in people's hearts.

EA Delays Bioware's New IP Into the 2018/2019 Financial Year To Polish Its 'Live System'

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Building a new IP is usually a risky business venture - but one that can rapidly pay off if well received. In the case of EA, they've delayed Bioware's unnamed project to polish the goods.

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