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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Summary


Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Review

You play as Tommy Conlin, a young marine who is bred for combat, and you will get plenty of it. As Conlin, you, and your combat squad, will take on the Japanese army in a no holds barred fight to the finish...

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Metal of Honor: Pacific Assault is now free on EA Origin

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Over a week ago, GameWatcher noticed that Electronic Arts had posted that Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault would be "coming soon" to Origin's On The House free game downloads page. Well, "coming soon" is now, as the game is currently free.

Next free EA Origin deal will be Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

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Electronic Arts has announced on the official "On the House" page that the next game to be given away for free will be 2004's acclaimed shooter Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault.

Reddit compiles list of games for GameSpy's May 31st shutdown

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By the end of next month the matchmaking services of GameSpy will be switched off, and that means a number of PC titles won't function properly or at all online. Exactly how far-reaching is the GameSpy service?

Reddit has put together a doomsday list that includes the likes of Halo, Star Wars: Battlefront, Stronghold, the Battlefield series, Crysis, Tom Clancy titles and Quake.

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