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Shadwen is a true stealth game where the only rule is to remain unseen.

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Frozenbyte Read Out Mean 'Has-Been Heroes' User Reviews

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Apparently Frozenbyte, the Finnish indie group best known for the Trine series, have been getting a few heated comments about their new game 'Has-Been Heroes' and decided to share them with the world.

Has-Been Heroes Is A New Rogue-Like From The Makers Of Trine

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Also coming off the back of a certain announcement early this morning, FrozenByte games have come forward to announce their new use of swords and magic.

Shadwen launches on May 17th for PC, Mac and PS4

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Frozenbyte, developers of the Trine series have confirmed their upcoming stealth-action game will be released on May 17th.

The game will launch at $14.55 / 14.55 € or less depending on the store and their pricing policy. After the launch period, the game’s price will increase to $16.99 / 16.99 € across all platforms and stores. You will be able to purchase the game on a variety of stores (including a few stores that I didn’t even know existed) including: Steam, PSN,, Humble Store, Origin, the Mac App Store, and the GeForce NOW store.

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