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Battleborn's Final Update Saw The Double-Digit Playerbase Shrink By Another 20%

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What started as a joke soon became a sudden realization. Battleborn was dead in the water. Releasing alongside Overwatch, Gearbox Software's arena shooter/moba hybrid couldn't fend of Blizzard's FPS entrance despite years of putting out big-name shooters like Borderlands and Brothers in Arms.

Gearbox Software Threatens To Walk Out On Exclusive G2A Bulletstorm Deal Shortly After Announcing It

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There's never a time in the game industry that isn't chock full on controversy. And this time, a well respected developer - and publisher - has stirred it themselves, then gotten involved in slamming the problematic side with an ultimatum.

Count Down The Days Until Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition With This Beat-Heavy Launch Trailer

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It's probably something we should have included on our Top 10 Underappreciated Action games but, for whatever reason, didn't. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is due to release in just two weeks, but it's launch trailer has popped up early.

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