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Modder Fixes Typo in Aliens: Colonial Marines Configuration File, Fixes Game

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It's still not a great game, but it's certainly much better than it was.

Borderlands 2 Receives Its First Large-Scale Community Patch

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Here's something that you couldn't possibly have expected: Borderlands 2 just got a real and rather exhaustive community update, packed to the brim with fixes, rebalances and tweaks for everyone to enjoy.

Battleborn's Final Update Saw The Double-Digit Playerbase Shrink By Another 20%

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What started as a joke soon became a sudden realization. Battleborn was dead in the water. Releasing alongside Overwatch, Gearbox Software's arena shooter/moba hybrid couldn't fend of Blizzard's FPS entrance despite years of putting out big-name shooters like Borderlands and Brothers in Arms.

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