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Expeditions: Viking

Lead a small viking village, and make decisions that will make your village the strongest one in the area.

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The Follow-Up To Expeditions: Conquistador - Expeditions: Viking - Launches April 27

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After being welcomed with open arms to the PC community, Logic Artsists' Expeditions: Conquistador is seeing a follow-up with Expeditions: Viking in April.

0.8 and 0.9 updates explained for spy co-op game Clandestine

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Clandestine is a two-player co-op stealth/hacking game set in the 90's that is currently on Steam Early Access, and developer Logic Artists has released a video explaining some of the changes coming to the pre-release game.

Logic Artists is working on Expeditions: Viking, a sequel to historical strategy RPG Expeditions: Conquistador

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Danish indie developer Logic Artists' turn-based strategy adventure Expeditions: Conquistador was a fine little game, so I'm happy to hear the team is returning to their historical series - this time, however, they're swapping Spanish galleons for viking longboats.

Expeditions: Viking will feature the same blend of strategic combat, RPG development, and choose-your-own-adventure storytelling as its predecessor, but it'll also add some interesting new features.