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Slitherine and Matrix Games Are Developing Training Software For The US Military

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They're developing a professional version of CMANO to show to delegates from the armed forces.

Pike and Shot: Campaigns gets hefty 'Le Roi Soleil' update

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Pike and Shot: Campaigns has received a new 'Le Roi Soleil' update, which focuses on the modernisation of the French army during the reign of the 'Sun King', Louis XIV.

It adds a brand new skirmish module, covering European armies from 1649 to 1698 with 37 new army lists and various new units. The new units and armies have also been added to the Grand Campaign, which has received a bit of a revision - defending armies should be much more effective now, even engaging larger invading armies early in an attempt to disrupt them before reinforcements arrive.

Heroes of Normandie release pushed back to October 1

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Publisher Matrix Games has announced that digital board game adaptation Heroes of Normandie has been pushed back to October 1, just over a week away from the initially planned date of September 22.

Developer Cat Rabbit needs a little longer to finish polishing the multiplayer mode of the World War 2 strategy game, which see players control squads of British, American and German armies during the D-Day landings.

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