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Nival restores traditional versus multiplayer mode to Blitzkrieg 3, after fan requests

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Developer Nival has announced a new Active Defense PVP mode for WW2 RTS Blitzkrieg 3, a response to the fans who requested a traditional versus mode for the game's multiplayer, as an alternative to its much-touted 'asynchronous' mode.

Blitzkrieg 3 blasts its way on to Steam Early Access

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Nival's return to top-down RTS carnage, Blitzkrieg 3, has launched on Steam Early Access today. As promised, the game's selling as a complete product, without the initially planned free-to-play elements.

Nival ditches microtransaction model for Blitzkrieg 3

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I liked my time with Nival's upcoming RTS threequel Blitzkrieg 3 a lot, but I certainly had my concerns about the Russian studio's business model, which offered a free-to-play multiplayer suite and the option of paying extra for singleplayer campaigns.

It felt a bit out of touch with the game's otherwise distinctly old-school feel. Which is why I'm glad to hear that Nival's reconsidered things, and reverted to a traditional, one-time purchase model.

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