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Far Cry 5 - Dead Living Zombies

The final DLC for Far Cry 5 takes players through 7 zombie movie pitches by terrible director Guy Marvel.

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The Division 2 PC sales help offset poor PS4 and Xbox One sales

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Ubisoft's predictions for The Division 2's sales may have been overly ambitious, the latest information suggests.

Ubisoft has 3 Unannounced AAA Games coming before April 2020

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Sources tell us that Ubisoft has got a fair few wildcard releases in tow for 2020. What are the unannounced Ubisoft AAA games, then?

New Splinter Cell Announcement was "just a Joke"

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Bad news for all fans of Sam Fisher and his gruff genre of sarcasm - according to sources, the announcement was a dud.

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