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Age of Wonders III Features

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Interview: With interest piqued, Strategy Informer fired some questions in the direction of Triumph Studio's co-founder and Development Director of Age of Wonders 3, Lennart Sas..

We strategy connoisseurs have had a pretty good time of late. XCOM won hearts late last year, we've had news of a new Stronghold Crusader game and, this year, Age of Wonders is set to grace monitors for the first time in nearly a decade. Early images suggest this one's a looker having made the leap to 3D, while Triumph are developing the game with support from Notch. With interest piqued,...

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Preview: With this game, you shall do, MY WONDERS.

You’ll remember Age of Wonders III from our GamesCom 2013 write-up back in August. This is the long-awaited sequel to a ten-year old franchise. For the uninitiated, it’s essentially a fantasy themed turn-based strategy game that incorporates both empire management and turn-based tactical battles. Think Total War meets Civilization and you’re in the neighbourhood. We liked what we saw of...

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Preview: With this game, you shall do my wonders...

If there’s one thing more difficult than brining a new IP to today’s market, it’s bringing back an old one. It’s been ten years since the last Age of Wonders game, and in that time, developer Triumph Studios has gone off to try other things, namely the Overlord franchise. After the 2010 digital anthology of the original games sold well however, the team are back to try and take...