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ARMA 3 Adds Large-Scale Warlords Multiplayer Mode in Free Update

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The latest free ARMA 3 update adds the massive Warlords multiplayer mode, where NATO faces off against the CSAT in an attempt to take control over a large patch of land.

The Malden Update Makes Argo - The Impressive Arma 3 Mod - Free For Everyone

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Though the Steam Sale is now in full swing, that doesn't mean everyone is looking to hop from one cheap game to another. Lots of titles - like Arma 3 here - have a dedicated following who play is almost exclusively. For them, temptation for the sales can be squashed by one of the biggest free updates Arma 3 has ever seen.

Bohemia Interactive Will Offer Argo - An Impressive Arma 3 Mod - For Free On June 22

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The folks behind the gruelling ARMA series of realistic shooters are about to offer something new later this month.

Bohemia Interactive Gives 2016-17 Roadmap For Arma 3

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Bohemia Interactive today announced its development plans for Arma 3 in the upcoming year in a new blog post.

Arma 3 storms the gates of Eden with new update

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I admire the Arma games--from a great distance. I’m fascinated by hardcore simulations, particularly multiplayer focused ones, but I want no part of participating in them. If you’re the sort who does play these games, there are two things I’d like to say. First, you are a very cool human being. Second, Arma 3’s Eden update is launching today.

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