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Batman: Arkham City Review

We enter the gates of Arkham City, where Chris Capel is the goddamned Batman.

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New Mod Adds HD Textures to Batman: Arkham City, Here's How To Get It Working

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The PC didn't get Return To Arkham but that was terrible anyway - but thanks to fan GPUnity you can now load HD textures into the Best Batman Game Ever. We show you where to download it and how to install it.

IGN France And WB Games Are Planning Something For March 8 - Twitter Wants Shadow Of Mordor 2

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It isn't unheard of to see big-name publications given exclusive rights to the reveal of a big title, and that's what IGN France seem to be teasing today.

Rocksteady giving away free games and DLC with Batman: Arkham Knight Steam purchase

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As expected, Rocksteady is re-releasing Batman: Arkham Knight on Steam today, and to entice gamers into purchasing it, the studio is giving away free games and content.

Rocksteady's Reddit AMA discusses Arkham City's "final scene" and Batman's new suit

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In a Reddit AMA with developer Rocksteady the studio reveals how the finale of Batman: Arkham City was envisioned "almost from the start," and they looked at what would "lead to that point."

It's the very ending that the team "jump off from," and we get into the new Batman: Arkham Knight, and we deal with the "fallout from those events." Also, what's up with the new suit?

Next-gen "really opened the door" for Rocksteady with Batman: Arkham Knight

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Rocksteady is finishing their trilogy of the Arkham series, and they're excited to be able to combine the level of detail of Arkham Asylum and the open world approach of Arkham City. The art team can 'just go for it'.

Batman: Arkham Knight ditches the asylum and the walled off Arkham for the full Gotham City. Rocksteady also say they're their own 'inspiration' because of the trajectory set.

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