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EA to stop licensing with weapons manufacturers, will keep using branded guns

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EA has had some questionable marketing links with weapons manufacturers in the past, which by the way they vow never to do again, but now they're going one step further; they won't license guns anymore.

No more royalty cheques from EA for using real-world weapons, but that doesn't mean they won't stop using them. They intend to wield the 'fair use' argument in court, if necessary.

Battlefield 3 outages result of 'activity aimed at overwhelming servers'

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EA and DICE's Battlefield 3 and Battlelog servers have come under attack by an external group, knocking out the online services that power the soon-to-be-replaced shooter. They confirmed the outages via twitter.

As of now the attack seems to have been thwarted with all platform servers back up and running. EA recently revealed 3.5 million have subscribed to Battlefield Premium.

Xbox Live Marketplace celebrates April Fool's with DLC sale

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Today's Xbox Live Markteplace deals will include The Amazing Spider-Man on Games on Demand and downloadable content chiefly from Fallout 3. Players can purchase all 5 Fallout 3 DLC packs for 1000 Microsoft Points ($12.50 USD), a 75% discount off the normal $50 USD.

Launch trailer for Battlefield 3: Aftermath

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EA tease us with the launch trailer for Aftermath, the latest DLC addition to DICE's Battlefield 3. It's part of the Premium club if you're a member, otherwise it has to be bought standalone.

It's out right now for PlayStation 3, whereas Xbox 360 and PC must wait until December 4th. Aftermath features four maps ravaged by an earthquake, so expect lots of rubble.

Tour the Battlefield 3: Aftermath map Epicenter with DICE

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DICE has released a new video showing off the Epicenter map for the upcoming Battlefield 3 downloadable content pack Aftermath. Level artist Pontus Ryman shows off the features of the earthquake-wracked map in a flythrough.

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