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Ex-Visceral Designer Supports EA's Move Away From Single-Player-Only Games

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Zach Wilson, former senior level designer at Visceral Games, supports EA in their belief of Games As A Service with no room for single-player only titles, expects publishers to "maximise their profits".

Battlefield Hardline expansion Betrayal release date announced by EA

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Electronic Arts has announced the release date for their Battlefield Hardline expansion Betrayal. The downloadable content will be hitting on the 1st March for Premium members, while the "standalone" purchase will be available two weeks later on the 15th.

EA details Betrayal, the latest Battlefield Hardline expansion

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Cops! Robbers! Cops AND robbers! Battlefield Hardline wasn’t the hugest release in the series, but it seems to have been a solid conversion of the setting to the streets of thrillers like Heat. And the expansions just keep trucking along, with the latest due in March.

Patch updates and Getaway expansion roll out for Battlefield: Hardline today

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Developer Visceral Games has announced in the Battlefield: Hardline forum that a new update will be released today for their cops-and-robbers shooter Battlefield: Hardline, as well as the Getaway expansion pack for Premium subscribers; the expansion will be available to non-Premium members on January 29.

Getaway expansion coming to Battlefiield: Hardline this January

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Electronic Arts has announced that the "fastest, most explosion expansion yet" for Battlefield: Hardline, called "Getaway", will be dropping this coming January 2016. As the title implies, the Getaway expansion focuses on vehicles and speed. The new maps feature scenarios that involve things like "a dusty, high-speed escape across the Mexican border" and "a hot pursuit along the sun-drenched Pacific coast".

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