Battlerite Latest Updates

Battlerite Royale - Gameplay Reveal Trailer Released

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Winner winner chicken dinner?

Battlerite Royale Will See Full Standalone Release

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The unlikely offshoot of the original Battlerite - Battlerite Royale - is going to be getting its own, standalone release via Early Access.

Battlerite Tales of Horror Event - Patch 1.5.1 Released

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Battlerite's "creepy event", titled Tales of Horror begins in the leadup to Friday the 13th with new skins, weapons and poses.

Battlerite Servers are Closed - What Does This Mean?

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Battlerite, a popular free to play MOBA, often experiences server maintenance and other causes for temporary downtimes. Though usually routine, these instances may cause some distress among the players, however you needn't worry - here are all the possible reasons why Battlerite's servers may be closed.

Battlerite Season 1 Starts Today

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New champion, new features, and a new reward system which replaces weekly quests.

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