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Beyond Good & Evil Summary

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Likely Won't Be At E3 - But Could Be Shown Before The Year's End

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We know E3 is usually the time to get exited for all those new release trailers and announcements; but don't go thinking now's the time for Beyond Good and Evil 2. It won't be there.

Ubisoft Is Giving You One Last Chance To Grab 6 Free Games - Including Beyond Good & Evil

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Why'd you still be looking for something to play in this particular month of the year is a question we'd usually ask; but if you're seriously still without gaming goods, Ubisoft has your back. Sort of.

Get Beyond Good And Evil Free On Uplay

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For the majority of the year, Ubisoft's UPlay platform and connected Ubisoft Club has been giving away a free game a month to celebrate the companies 30 year anniversary. This month it has been announced that the platform is giving away the cult classic Beyond Good and Evil.

Beyond Good and Evil Designer tells development stories, hints at sequel's progress

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Michel Ancel, the designer behind Beyond Good and Evil and Rayman, recently sat down for a chat with fellow industry legend Tim Schafer as part of Double Fine’s “Devs Play” Youtube series. Ancel shares a lot of fascinating details about Beyond Good and Evil’s development, including one particularly bizarre story involving kidnapping, robbery, and public nudity.

It sounds like Beyond Good & Evil 2 is actually happening

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been rumoured for years, but finally Ubisoft has all but confirmed that creator Michael Ancel is returning to the world of the cult action-adventure game.

The news comes after it was revealed that Ancel had formed his own studio, Wild Sheep Studio, despite remaining an employee of Ubisoft Montpellier.

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