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Cold War Reviews


Cold War Review

This is more or less a replication of the Splinter Cell Series, which was wildly successful.

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A little bit like Splinter Cell · by Daredevil ·

The action isn't as original as the storyline. As Carter, you'll mostly need to stick to shadows, sneaking around in the darkness and waiting for your foes to turn their backs to you so you can run up and knock them out. Soon enough, you'll replace the knockout punches with gunshots to the head. You can crouch and creep along carefully to remain quiet and hidden, but even when you're running at full speed, you'll move quite slowly. (Carter's got this rather casual-looking jog, though he's capable of sprinting for brief periods of time.) The overall look and mechanics are unmistakably similar to Splinter Cell, though Carter isn't as versatile or maneuverable as Sam Fisher. Carter can't jump and can't take enemies hostage, and it takes only a couple of bullets at close range to knock him dead. On the other hand, he's a surprisingly good shot with a pistol or an AK-47, and he's also able to create a variety of useful gadgets that can give him the upper hand against his foes.Anyway the game is cool and i loved it .

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