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Colin McRae's DiRT is a fabulous game that just didn't make the cut to stardom because of its lack of capable multiplayer.

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Codemasters patch DiRT Rally in Early Access, co-driver no longer 'practicing his French'

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The muck is flying as DiRT Rally has just started tearing up rally tracks on Steam Early Access, and Codemasters has released Patch V.03.1 after an "awesome first few days".

It seems the co-driver was either being mute or decided to try out his French on non-Frenchie gamers, which the patch fixes. It also takes a crack a global warming to battle "incorrect weather combinations" in later events.

DiRT Rally arrives on Steam Early Access, to stay "until the end of 2015"

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Codemasters are skidding onto Steam Early Access with DiRT Rally, and there it'll be staying "until the end" of the year. They want the "experience absolutely right" with Rally and need community feedback for that.

New cars, environments, and rally stages will be added as time goes on. At release it will have 36 rally stages "across Monte Carlo, Greece and Wales." We also manage our engineer team, who can research part upgrades.

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