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Crysis Review

Crysis is one of those types of games that sets out to redefine quality in its field, while the FPS community have their latest and greatest champion – so too does the gaming industry as a whole.

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Good shooter - poor story · by FoolWolf ·

Well, it is better then Far Cry, however as with Far Cry everything goes overboard when finally facing the aliens. They feel "awkward" and not really as a fun part of the game. It changes from sneak around, pick your own sollution action shoot 'em up to a standard - Doom run in circles shoot at everything that moves and you get aggrevated for the long reload times. And that is it, you realise that you are in a Quake/Doom game all of a sudden. Not what you had wished ofr perhaps, it was not what I wished for.

The game handles fairly well if you got an 8800 something something card and I have seen it perform OK on both 86- and 96 serie cards. The game "feels" ok concerning controls and even though the level design sometimes leaves something to the wishlist, it is ok. One problem I had was the sollution part. Sometimes you could get the option to sneak around and silence your way through but the game seemed to prefer to be dealt with as much lead in the air approach most of the times.

All in all though a good ride and a nice action FPS game! Definately one of the better out there even if it can't stand up to Call of Duty 4 IMO.

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