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Interview: Not the Daniel Craig movie...

Not a lot is known about Defiance, apart from the fact that it caused a little bit of a kerfuffle amongst Journalists a couple of weeks back, and even then, no one actually knew what the game was. Finally though, the curtain has been lifted and we got to have a decent look at what this new project is offering. We spoke to Executive Producer Nathan Richardson about the specifics:

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Preview: You feeling defiant, punk?

It’s a strange experience – there I was, playing what is essentially a third-person person shooter, and yet under the hood you’ll find a lot of concepts that apply to MMO’s - dynamic content, instancing, server populations, PvP, PvE, groups... Defiance first appeared on the radar as a game that’s supposed to link up with a TV show going by the same name over on the SyFy channel next...

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Preview: Jonah Falcon got a chance to check out Defiance, Trion Worlds and SyFy's MMO collaboration.

Three years ago, in June 2008, Trion Worlds and the Sy Fy Network announced that they would be doing something never done before - they would be synergizing an MMO and a television series at the same time. There would be no division between the two - it would not be an MMO based on a television series, nor would it be a television series based on an MMO. In fact, both would be intertwined...