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Diablo III's The Darkening Of Tristram Event Is Now Live

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The annual Diablo III Darkening of Tristram event that sends players to Diablo's past is live throughout January.

The Biggest Disappointments in PC Gaming 2018

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2018 was a big year for gaming, but there were certainly some major disappointments too. Here's our list of the 2018 biggest disappointments in PC gaming.

Blizzard Management Thought Diablo 3 Was a Giant F--- Up

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Just when Diablo 3 was getting good, management "pulled the plug" on any ongoing projects relating to the game.

Blizzard Won't Be Holding A Press Conference At Gamescom This Year - PlayerUnknown To Host 'My Journey' Panel

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With Europe's biggest games convention, Gamescom, taking place in Cologne, Germany next week, the event organizers have finally let loose the schedule for this year's shenanigans. It's panels galore for the most part, but it seems to confirm one major thing - Blizzard won't be staging a big press conference this year. But there's still a big-name (non-Blizzard) developer hosting a panel

Your Blizzard Games Will No Longer Work On Windows XP Or Vista Starting This October

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Moving forward with plans issued a long while ago now, Blizzard have re-confirmed that legacy operating system support for more modern titles like StarCraft II, Diablo III and World of Warcraft will cease in the coming months.

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