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Dungeon Defenders II Summary

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New Content Coming To Dungeon Defenders 2 And Terraria Thanks To A Cross-Over Event

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Though each one looks very different from the other, Terraria and Dungeon Defenders 2 will be crossing paths before the year's end.

The Harbinger Awakens update now live for Dungeon Defenders II

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Trendy Entertainment has announced that the major Harbinger Awakens content update for its tower defense action-RPG Dungeon Defenders II is now live, adding new maps and holiday goodies.

Dungeon Defenders 2 now in free-to-play open Alpha on Steam Early Access

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Trendy Entertainment's hybrid action tower defence game Dungeon Defenders 2 has hit its open Alpha stage, meaning that anyone can now jump in and play it via Steam Early Access.

Alpha stage follows on from the release of last week’s 'Ascension' patch, which rebalanced the power of both towers and enemies, and added a level-up system to the game's roster of characters.

Alpha and Beyond update adds story content to Dungeon Defenders 2

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Trendy Entertainment has released an ‘Alpha and Beyond’ patch for its action tower defence hybrid Dungeon Defenders 2. The update introduces the concept of "rolling narrative" to the Early Access title.

Basically, this means that the game's story has been added, in the form of a new cinematic sequence and two remixed story maps, the Happy Throne Room and Ramparts - these set up events to follow in the game's next adventure pack.

Trendy "were going to be making a MOBA" instead of Dungeon Defenders 2

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In our recent interview with Dungeon Defenders creator Trendy Entertainment we learn the studio almost went down the MOBA route, but instead choose to 'reboot' with Dungeon Defenders 2.

They had a "bunch of classes" ready but "threw that away" and instead wanted a "real spiritual sequel" to the original game - "quality over quantity." They're keeping four classes.

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