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Dungeons Reviews


Dungeons Review

Feeling Horny? Take a trip down to the Dungeons.

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Disappointing. · by Backslider ·

First of all, a round of applause to Strategy Informer, for giving Dungeons the same score they gave Dead Space 2. Obviously Dungeons is just as stable, smooth, clean, fun, and polished as Dead Space 2. Way to go!

Now, Dungeons isn't a HORRIBLE game, it's just a mediocre game, a game worthy of the bargain bin and nothing more.

Why? After all, the graphics are pretty, and the music's alright. The dungeon certainly FEELS dungeony...

Well, because the voice acting is horrible, the humor is simply bad, the game is unstable, and instead of being able to dig yourself an amazing dungeon, you have a poorly made dungeon dropped in your lap, with the only creativity allowed to you is a bunch of prestige items you can use to decorate your dungeon, and maybe widen some rooms, since most are already made for you.

And then there's the strategy, or lack thereof. Place several pentagrams at your dungeon heart, and you can literally walk away from the game for hours. Heroes will funnel in, partially satisfied by the dungeon already provided at the start of the map, and die. Mucho gold, mucho soul energy. No effort on your part. This is a deadhead Tower Defense game, nothing more. Even in later levels, the strategy doesn't change, as heart guardians and traps make it even easier to auto-harvest.

As if all those things weren't enough, taking care of heroes for 99% of their existence doesn't feel evil. You feel like a nanny more than an evil overlord. Constantly jumping when a hero says frog, you are also constantly under the whip of a more powerful dungeon lord, so nearly the entire game is spent fetching THIS, or building THAT ... for other people.

If you think being a slave is fun, make yourself some money instead of spending it on this game and simply become a waiter.

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Don't buy · by nachocheese ·

This game is a huge disappointment, as every great idea of it's core features is blocked by the novice implementation. We have to betatest it for Kalypso now, as they did no betatesting this at all! And to get a bugfix, you have to register your game, so you can't sell it. Hail to DRM ;)

Ok: humor & graphics.

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