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Dungeons 2 is coming in 2015, and it's taking the dungeoneering topside

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Publisher Kalypso and developer Realmforge Studios have announced that dungeon building sequel Dungeons 2 is coming next year, and oddly enough it looks like it's heading to the great outdoors. Hey chaps, isn't the point of a dungeon builder that it happens underground?

The original Dungeons had its moments, but it never reached the heights of Bullfrog's classic Dungeon Keeper series (well most of them. Thanks EA...). Can it go one step further this time?

Dungeons DLC now available

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Kalypso has announced that new downloadable content is available for their strategy management game Dungeons. The new DLC, simply titled 'Dungeons', will include 50 new maps, and a "Conquest" mode.

Kalypso reveal 'Dungeons - The Dark Lord', multiplayer arrives

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Publisher Kalypso has announced developer RealmForge Studios is working on a Dungeons sequel, subtitled 'The Dark Lord', which includes 4-player multiplayer.

You can play as some of the bosses now too. There's an "extensive single-player campaign" with a new dungeon setting and 25 "prestige gimmicks." Excited?

Dungeons 'Into the Dark' DLC now available

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Kalypso has announced that the first downloadable content for their action/strategy game Dungeons is now available, called “Into the Dark”, which will bring new levels, maps and items to the game.

Dungeons DLC coming next week

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Next week, Dungeons will be getting some new downloadable content, a $3.99 USD pack that will add new adventures to the action/strategy game.

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