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Endless Space Features

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Interview: The endless interview, with Amplitude studios.

We like talking to people. We like finding out what makes them tick, what makes them make the choices they make. Not only is Endless Space shaping up to be a good game, but the people behind it seem to have the right ideas, and that’s worth exploring. To find out more, we spoke to studio co-founder, Creative Director and winner of the Strategy Informer longest name...

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Preview: The long and Endless night...

You may have noticed me recently talking about the space 4x genre a lot, what with games like Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion and Gemini Wars coming out at similar times. With Sword of the Stars II STILL floundering in the water and Ironclad switching themes, someone has to take gamer’s imaginations back to the stars. I’m here to tell you that Endless Space is that game. Probably....