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Turtle Rock Studios Is Partnering With Perfect World For A New F2P Shooter

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Though an incredibly in-depth business chat with GameIndustry.biz, Turtle Rock Studios - the group behind Left 4 Dead and Evolve - have revealed that they're working on a new co-op shooter.

Turtle Rock Studios Halts Development on Evolve

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When Valve took over Left 4 Dead, developers Turtle Rock Studios decided to shift their focus onto a new type of multiplayer game. Similar to how their 4-player co-op zombie survival shooter ushered in a new genre, their next title, Evolve, looked to do the same. But lightning doesn't always strike twice.

Evolve is about to receive huge changes, including the game being made free-to-play on PC

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The launch of Evolve was unexpectedly awkward considering a lot of the hype behind it at E3 2014. In fact, Evolve won Game of Show at both E3 2014 and Gamescom suggesting there was a lot of potential from the Turtle Rock developed game. Judging by this latest blogpost by Turtle Rock, they seem to realise where their mistakes were made and what they can do to fix them.

One of the biggest complaints about Evolve came from the DLC which was advertised many times before the game was even released. That’s not something potential players want to see, you know, an advertisement for more content just as you are about to purchase a full game. When part of the DLC launched, one gaming website even went as far as to label the Evolve season pass as a scam.

Evolve's new medic is an extreme dual-personality robot

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Evolve already had an eccentric cast of characters to choose from, but a brand new freak show is coming to the medic stable. The new medic is a robot named Emet and he'll be your best friend and everyone else's vocal worst enemy at the drop of a hand.

The Gorgon revealed as the new monster for Evolve, live gameplay on Twitch today

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Turtle Rock has revealed the latest boss for their monster hunting game, as players will take on the role of the Gorgon. According to the developer, the Gorgon is a "sly and hideous killer" lurks in the shadows "who enjoys watching her prey struggle."

The developer is also hosting a live Twitch stream at 12 noon PST (8pm GMT) to show her off.

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