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Fable III Features

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Preview: We take one last pre-look as the clock counts down to F-day...

The last time we talked to you about Fable III, we were filled with cautious optimism and hopes that the as of yet unseen portions of Lionhead's sequel will add the finishing touches to what many expect to be the best game of the series yet. Having had one last round with the game at the recent Eurogamer Expo, we're still left with that guarded optimism, but there's a chance now...

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Preview: We go hands on with the E3 build of one of this yea'rs most anticipated sequels. For Queen and Country!

There's really only one game where proposing in chicken suit seems as natural taking a stroll down the street and farting on the first person you see, or seducing two separate women and bringing them back to your place for some three-way goodness. Peter Molyneux seems to take a certain pleasure out of poking fun at the accepted social conventions of society, whilst also leisurely pushing...