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FIFA 10 Review

Pitch perfect? (PS3)


FIFA 10 Review

Pitch perfect? (Xbox 360)

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A huge letdown for the PC gamers! · by vednor ·

Just like every year, I was eagerly waiting for the release of FIFA 10. And, when I had the game in hand I was fairly disappointed that EA released an unfinished version for the PC gamers. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are perfectly fine but with all new game engine and graphical improvements. PC version do have the improved game engine but when it comes to the overall graphical shininess, FIFA 10 will make drag you back to its few years old release. What they should’ve done is wait few more months to finish the game and not push the PC gamers to buy PES 2010.

Though the gameplay of FIFA 10 PC version worth talking. No doubt that it has been hugely improved than its previous versions. Players making runs in the gaps, calling for the ball while sprinting through the wing, bumping then there is any collusion. Few of the old cutscenes are now part of the game too. Like players raising their hands when anyone is being fouled, defenders appealing to the referee when the opponent player steps into an offside trap and specially linesmen are not being dummies anymore. They raise their flags and indicate when it’s needed. The game has few new cutscenes too. The referee now signals during players substituting, obviously new cutscenes when players scoring goals. Though the major cutscenses are still as same as the previous release. The graphics of the scenes are highly improved though. Players look more realistic than before during these scenes. Instant replays and celebrations reveal have some very impressive graphical details and this is probably the only better branch of the PC version than the other two consoles versions. Few new weather effects have been introduced. Now you can see snowing during the gameplay but surprisingly the gameplay under floodlights has been removed.

Playing against the AI is no longer a piece of cake. A new game mode called ‘The Legendary’ has been introduced and I must admit that it’s fairly competitive. Even the weakest of all team will play strategically and make you concentrate on your game attacking and defensive strategy. Let along the five star teams. Opposition players will make perfect run for the through balls inside your D-box and hardly miss out scoring when one by one with your goalkeeper. They’ll chip the ball or shot from distance based on your goalkeepers’ position. They even pass the ball inside your D-box or dodge your defenders to score goals. Nothing to be worried though. You can do the same with some new moves introduced with this version. Plenty of new game tactics have been introduced where there were only 4 for attacking and 4 for defense previously. And, the scout will always report your opponents’ general tactics before you start any match.

You will experience all this movement improvements when you’ll play though the Be a Pro mode. This mode is now lengthier and steady. You simply won’t be able to create a player mastering in all attributes. You will receive certain points during the career mode of the player and improve his skills based on the position he plays. Sometime annoying but this has made the Be a Pro more realistic in many ways. The only issue that will surely bother you time to time is when you are in a scoring situation and the camera direction will change automatically to a narrower angle. Which makes it difficult to score even if you are one by one with the opponent goalkeeper.

I know that those how have played the previous releases won’t be thrilled to know that The Manager mode hasn’t made any significant improvement. Everything is as same as before. The only new addition is that you can now set your game tactics from the team management section. Those how don’t enjoy the manager mode, can simply avoid and go for the newly introduced Season mode. No injuries, not tiredness. Players will start every game as if you are playing at the friendly mode. For a series that has been out for so many years, really should include few more new features at the manager mode. A mode which has no difference in its last 4 releases; doesn’t really grab the attention gamers have been giving for so many years. Just like everyone else, I was expecting to see some new additions at the manager mode but EA didn’t miss the chance to disappoint us.

Live season mode didn’t require many improvements as it already provides you the updates of your chosen league and team. You can play a full league free of charge and paying some extra bit of money will extend your journey through the league. There are also some decent multiplayer options which will save you from the boringness of the default Be a Pro, Manger or the Season modes. You can easily connect to another IP address and play a friendly match.

A bunch of new unlocks have been added under the Be a Pro mode. Few of them are quite challenging nonetheless. Like every year new balls have been added to the unlock inventory and a new stadium called ‘Highbury’. Rather than those rest of the unlocks are almost same as previous releases. It takes some long hours of gameplay to unlock each of them.

Well, it’s still not enough. EA has been working with the title for many years now and the amounts of improvements are simply not enough to brag about a game which any gamer will play for many months. Specially when the rival series PES is making significant improvements in all aspects. And, letting the PC gamers down with an unfinished product has raise the question whether EA is capable to continue its journey for all the platforms with their promised quality. If not, then there are many ways to avoid unhappy departure. EA couldn’t keep up its quality with the NFS series. I just hope they don’t do the same injustice with the FIFA series.

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