Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Features

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Interview: Chris Capel sits down with the man behind the undead rabbit.

Camille Guermonprez, the head of Arkedo Studios, is a lovely man and has the greatest pair of glasses I’ve ever seen. One half is black with a white square on the lens, and the other is white with a black square on the lens. Must be off-putting, but it looks damn cool. You certainly have to be a little eccentric of course to make a game called Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit....

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Preview: How can a skeleton with a sawblade-bike still be cute and cuddly? Chris Capel investigates..

I saw two games at SEGA’s press event last Thursday. One of those was Aliens: Colonial Marines, which has been riding high on my most wanted list since it was announced. The other was a platformer I’d barely heard of featuring an undead rabbit skeleton that drove a giant buzzsaw. It looked quite weird, maybe even quite fun, but Aliens was clearly the main event for me...