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GOG.com Announces Summer Sale, Obduction Free For 48 Hours

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Good Old Games has announced their 2019 Summer Sale, which will include Obduction free for the next two days, as well as BioShock Infinite Complete Edition for 75% off.

Runic Games announces that Hob will be released on 26th September for PC and PS4

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Runic Games are mostly known for developing the Action RPG series Torchlight, but since 2012 it's been taking a different direction with Hob, an action adventure game that's in development for the PC and PlayStation 4.

The team announced today that it would be released for the platforms mentioned above on the 26 September, 2017.

Runic Games "needed a break" from action RPGs, wanted to try something new with Hob

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I chatted to Runic Games the other day, the Seattle team responsible for the excellent and charming Torchlight games. PR manager Wonder Russell and lead level designer Patrick Blank discussed their latest game, the action-adventure platformer Hob, and revealed that trying out a new genre has been a welcome change of pace for the team after so many years working on actions RPGs.

Torchlight developer announces dialogue-free adventure game Hob

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Runic Games, best known for the excellent Torchlight games, has a new project in the works. Hob is an adventure game without text or dialogue, set in a strange, unexplored world built upon mysterious machinery.

“Hob is presented without text or dialogue,” writes Runic. “Narrative is revealed as players explore and interact with their mysterious planet, and the strange life forms that inhabit it. Hob features smooth controller gameplay, multi-layered puzzles, and striking visuals.”