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Legends of Eisenwald gets Road to Iron Forest DLC pack, Season Pass offered

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Aterdux Entertainment has announced some new downloadable content for their tactical strategy-RPG, Legends of Eisenwald. The DLC is titled "Road to Iron Forest", which includes a new map, a new adventuring location and a new storyline. The developer also revealed that they were starting a Season Pass for future DLC.

Strategy RPG Legends of Eisenwald moves out of Steam Early Access

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Aterdux Entertainment's strategic peasant-bashing RPG Legends of Eisenwald has marched out of Early Access, and is currently available in its final, completed form on Steam.

The game takes a leaf out of George R.R Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series, largely ditching elves, dwarves and other fantasy staples in favour of humans being horrible to each other. You'll take command of a small feudal army, and defend your family lands from anyone silly enough to try invading.

Turn-based strategy RPG Legends of Eisenwald will leave Steam Early Access on July 2

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After nearly two years of development, turn-based strategy RPG Legends of Eisenwald is almost ready to strap on its full plate armour and amble out of Steam Early Access; the game will release in full on July 2.

Inspired by titles like Kings Bounty and Disciples 2, Legends of Eisenwald takes place in a low fantasy setting with a whiff of Ice and Fire about it. There are supernatural elements, but they're firmly relegated to the second tier, while knights on horseback and pious, baldy monks take the spotlight.

Legends of Eisenwald from Aterdux on Kickstarter

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Tactical turn-based RPG action is promised with Legends of Eisenwald, with a Kickstarter project aiming for $50,000. It's got 28 days to go and as of now has $2,197 in pledges.

That's from just over 100 backers to the project proposed by Aterdux Entertainment. The game has already been in development for 2 years and they have an alpha version.