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A teenage photography student discovers she can rewind time, sound like a good laugh?

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The Original Voice Actors for Life Is Strange are Returning For One Last Episode

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The bonus episode for Life Is Strange: Before For Storm, the prequel to Dontnod's Telltale-like adventure, will bring back the first game's voice actors who left the series because of the Voice Actor's Strike.

Ready Your Tear Ducts For Life Is Strange: Before The Storm With This Hard-Hitting Launch Trailer

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After a quick leak and confirmation at this year's E3, Life is Strange continues on today - but in the form of a prequel. Life is Strange: Before the Storm tells more of the story we all wished Chloe would open up about in the original game, and the team are hoping to set the mood with a bunch of real-life BFF stories.

New Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Gameplay Reaffirms Chloe And David's Strained Relationship

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Since the somewhat surprise announcement of prequel story Life is Strange: Before the Storm at this year's E3, we've gotten a fair amount of in-engine footage to tide us over to it's incredibly close August 31 release. Today, we get even more.

Player Choices Will Alter The Effect Of Chloe And Rachel's Relationship In 'Life Is Strange: Before The Storm'

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Dontnod's original Life is Strange followed the rules of the many episodic adventure games to come before it - the choices you make alter the course of the game. It's prequel, Life if Strange: Before the Storm stays true to this iconic feature.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Is Confirmed As a Prequel - 3-Episode Season Debuts This August

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Confirming rumors that it isn't just Dontnod working on the Life is Strange franchise at this point, Square Enix chose Microsoft's E3 presentation to reveal Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

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