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Paradox Interactive Invites Minecraft And Planet Coaster Developers To Talk Creative Games At PDXCON 2017

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The world is one vast, open playground. It is in real-life, and that fact only becomes more drastically true as we look at today's gaming culture. Constantly spoiled by these open spaces with developers constantly trying to build one larger than the last, it's time to look back at what makes these sandbox environments so gripping. And four of the leading development teams will be doing just that at PDXCON 2017 next month.

UK education advisor dismisses Minecraft as a 'gimmick' as education tool

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Minecraft: Education Edition launched this November which gives teachers the tools to use Minecraft as a way to teach children in a fun, interactive way. The UK Department for Education's Tom Bennett has voiced his skepticism of the idea.

The Minecraft: Exploration Update Is Now Live Bringing Mansions, Pack Llamas And More

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Some would call it big, while others would consider it small; but either way you look at it, Minecraft just got an update - the 'Exploration' update.

Max Brooks of World War Z Fame To Pen Official Minecraft Novel

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Completely oblivious to exactly how far this cuboid world we now live in truly stretches, the latest twist of fate comes in the form of the first official Minecraft novel being penned by a guy regularly appreciated for his darker, violent creations like World War Z and The Extinction Parade.

It's entirely possible creators Mojang gunned for Max Brooks for his experience telling tales of survival against huge odds, Brooks himself has commented on how it " “finally justify all those hours I’ve spent playing Minecraft.". How big a cube fan he really is isn't out in the open. But you don't really need to play all that much of vanilla Minecraft to know how even the land itself is out to kill you in that pointy generated world.

A modder has created a playable version of Pokemon Red in Minecraft using redstone

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A few years ago someone used redstone to create a working CPU in Minecraft, complete a functioning keyboard, word processor, calculator and more. Three years on from this momentous event, a modder by the name of MrSquishy has gone one step further. How do you improve from basically creating a computer within a computer game? Easy, you make a Gameboy that can run a playable version of Pokemon Red.

MrSquishy (also known as Matt) was interviewed by South African site The interview went through some of MrSquishy’s reasons behind the project and what problems he has encountered with it so far. His version of Pokemon Red seems to run well, but it seems there aren’t any NPC interactions in the game right now. Here’s a snippet of the interview for those of you that are interested:

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