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Mirror's Edge Latest News

E3 2015: Mirror's Edge Catalyst explores Faith's origin, 'true freeroaming' with no levels, coming to PC February 23rd

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Faith is back in Mirror's Edge Catalyst but in an origin story as we learn how she became involved in fighting corporate tyranny, which has a stranglehold on the city. It's coming out February 23rd for PC and console.

It's a giant open world city 'with no levels to load' and it's packed for off story missions, time trials and other environmental challenges. The E3 trailer includes glimpses of gameplay.

E3 2015: EA's E3 Press Conference today @ 1.00pm PDT / 9.00pm GMT+1 - Watch it here! FINISHED

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This year's conference from EA is going to be dominated by one thing: Star Wars: Battlefront. The Press Conference will begin 1.00pm PDT / 9.00pm GMT+1 and run for about an hour. There's a bit to get through.

Aside from DICE's revival of Battlefront there's also BioWare's new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic which adds new companions and worlds, and there's Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

EA donates $1.65 million to American Cancer Society following Humble campaign

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A total of $10.5 million has been carved up between five different charities in the wake of the Humble Bundle sale that included some of EA's biggest PC games, of which they kept none of the revenue.

Peter Moore tweeted he's "so proud of Team EA" for raising the $10.5m from the charity campaign, with $1.65m of that going to the American Cancer Society.

Pratchett: "Not got the right" developer or pitch yet for more Discworld

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Tomb Raider and Mirror's Edge scribe Rhianna Pratchett has said her father, Discworld series author Terry Pratchett, has been approached "now and again" for more Discworld adventures but he's "waiting to be impressed".

No development studio has come in and wowed him yet, as Rhianna's father is a "gamer himself so he has an idea what he'd like to see," she said; unsure if she'd take over.

Parkour enthusiast Neil Cointet puts together Mirror's Edge tribute in first-person

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Shot in Cambridge, building scrambler parkour veteran Neil Cointet runs, leaps and climbs dressed as Faith from DICE's Mirror's Edge. It's all recorded from a first-person perspective just like in the game.

Parkour specialists Ampisound are "massive fans" of Mirror's Edge and wanted a tribute to the DICE IP. They "got some plans for a second one" if this one does well.

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