Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Features

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Preview: Strategy Informer takes another look at Need for Speed Hot Pursuit..

If there's one franchise that needs a rejuvenation, Need for Speed is it. After successful annual releases, the series has lost the buzz that made the original Underground title so enthralling. Ironically, Hot Pursuit provides a reimaging by taking the series back to its roots. With the Criterion team behind the wheel, there's a hell of a lot to be excited about. At...

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Preview: We give you our E3 first-look impressions on this latest high-energy racer.

When it comes to high-speed motor chases in racing games today, Need for Speed is the name to beat. Yet in the past few iterations, even EA's developer couldn't stand up to the original titles. Can the latest update to the series bring new life to it, and bring racing fans back into the mix of fast car chases in large, open world environments?