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Nosgoth is shutting down

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The online multiplayer Legacy of Kain spinoff Nosgoth will be shutting down soon, Square Enix has announced. The game, developed by Rocket League studio Psyonix, launched into Early Access over a year ago.

Nosgoth adding Beastmasters, letting your druidic dreams come true

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Druids just don’t get a fair shake. They’re a fantasy character class that can both control the forces of nature and transform into killer beasts, yet they barely rank above bards in the hierarchy of classes. What if we gave them sweet guns?

Nosgoth update adds new Crucible map and several gameplay changes

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Vampires versus humans shooter Nosgoth has just been updated with a brand new map, a new skin, a quitting penalty for leaving games, and an updated interface.

The new map is The Crucible, a really very cheery place where those fun-loving vampires like to hand out, have a few drinks, and watch slaves battle each other to death in the gladiatorial pits.

Nosgoth updated with new Vanguard human class from today

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Free-to-play Nosgoth has introduced the new Vanguard class to the human faction, and they can take a lot more punishment than their comrades-in-arms, but have reduced range damage as a result.

This new class can be unlocked with an artefact, or by "purchasing it directly" from the in-game store with Runestones. The Vanguard can be customised with new skins for the character as well as weapons.

Team-based Nosgoth reaches 1 million downloads, new Summoner class added

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Square Enix has announced that launching Nosgoth into Open Beta has tipped the team-based multiplayer game over one million downloads. Marking the occasion is the new Vampire class Summoner.

Nosgoth is set in the Legacy of Kain universe, where humans face off against deadly vampires. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses to exploit, and the Summoner has just joined the fray.

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