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One of the Best Games of 2016, Oxenfree, is Free on GOG Right Now

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Supernatural ghost thriller Oxenfree came out last year to huge acclaim - and if you're quick you can get it for absolutely free. Oxen-free, if you will.

Steam's Halloween Sales Is Live

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Steam's annual Halloween sale is now live and will run from October 28th until November 1st. Over 5000 items are on sale with varying discounts and the spotlight is on horror related games.

New trailer for sidescrolling supernatural thriller Oxenfree released, announcing January 2016 launch date

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Developed by former employees of Telltale and Disney Interactive, Oxenfree is what developer Night School calls "equal parts coming-of-age tale and supernatural thriller." It's a sidescrolling action-adventure game in which a group of young teens explore a mysterious cave, and when protagonist Alex uses her radio, the group is transported into a place where reality isn't what it seems.

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